After the original hood ornament star of our dear MB-E 220 has been ripped out yet again, I decided to create and 3d-print my own.

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This is a 3d-printed hood ornament for a 20-year-old MB vehicle. The original design with springs has been copied. A screw-hole allows to mount any figurine to the base-plate. Hood ornamet spells "Kühlerfigur" in german, so this project is the next version, the "Cooler-Figur".

The design-files are available on thingiverse: The figurine used here is a batarang, that has been remixed to fit to the above base (

The ornament has been printed in PLA using a CTC 3d printer, and lasted during a journey from Germany around the baltic sea to the North Cape and back through Russia spanning more than 8000km.

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Ian Hunn wrote 02/17/2018 at 01:09 point

Cool, but I think it should be metal, so it wouldn'y break if it hit a rock.

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Gravis wrote 01/16/2018 at 19:28 point

For something permanent like that you should consider getting it printed in aluminum.

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