Dual drive gear, using Prusa i3 mk2 extruder

A project log for 3D Printed Repairs

For "Repairs You Can Print Contest", and for the sake of documenting the repairs and improvements, done by 3D printing.

christian-lercheChristian Lerche 03/18/2018 at 12:350 Comments

Fetch the files in the files-section in this project. 

I've changed some minor things: 

The gears can be printed with 0.4mm nozzle, however, I printed a bunch with 0.25mm, with a much nicer result. Slic3r takes some persuasion to print in 0.4, but it's possible. But had to go to Cura to slice 0.25mm, otherwise it wouldn't print. 

The idler bearings are glued in place. Make sure to turn the shaft a couple of round before glueing, so the bearings can wobble into alignment. 

All the parts is printed in PETG, works nicely. 

I have printed a couple of kilos of filament now, no problem what so ever. Before I would strip PLA in the V6, but the only thing stopping it, is maximum motor current. 

Original files are here.