3D printed caravan part

A project log for 3D Printed Repairs

For "Repairs You Can Print Contest", and for the sake of documenting the repairs and improvements, done by 3D printing.

christian-lercheChristian Lerche 01/21/2018 at 20:530 Comments

This is again one of the older projects/repairs. 

My wife's aunt came to me, as the caravan center told her, that she couldn't get a replacement for the locking mecanism, for the blinds. These things break. At least when the caravan is 20 years old. 

So after taking some pictures with a caliper on the part, a new was sketched up (I used sketchup back then, pun intended). 

It was printed in PLA, which will probably not hold up to the temperature in the caravan, but in not-so-sunny Denmark, it is not much of a problem. 

Two of these goes in the mount, with a spring in between. She said it fitted like a glove.