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A project log for ATLTVHEAD

Atltvhead is a mashup of interactive art and wearable technology with a message of positivity and encouragement to let your oddities shine!

atltvheadatltvhead 09/06/2018 at 01:430 Comments


I've been thinking a lot about how to create a better experience for online/phone users of Atltvhead. Below is the old mobile site layout.

Something I thought was frustrating about this was the idea that tvhead had to be linked to channels. They are not descriptive, and from my view point, did not even attempt to accomplish any sort of positivity. I also added effects and stuck closer to the heart theme

Below is an image of my new mobile site!

The channel 1 was changed to a <3 heart! I had powerpuff girls like heart animation that existed as a separate command. I found that out of the 7 streams, I only had this animation triggered twice naturally. So I combined the <3 heart screen with the animation. Now after three people change the screen to the heart, it will trigger the powerpuff girls animation!

Rainbow now is a rainbow heart with modifications. The mirror effect can be applied to get some cool symmetry out of the heart rainbow. Another fun command is called FULLRAINBOW! For 2 seconds the screen will fill with the rainbow effect (with and without mirror added on top). The more people who go fullrainbow, the longer the screen will remain in full rainbow animation. I thought it was fun, and please let me know if this offends you, as I do not wish to and would be willing to change the name.

All the Best!