Week 22 and Glove Modifications

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Atltvhead is a mashup of interactive art and wearable technology with a message of positivity and encouragement to let your oddities shine!

nate.damennate.damen 01/19/2019 at 17:230 Comments

Here is a recap from the last stream! I included some content from Week 21 that didn't fit into that recap.

After completing the snap portion of the glove, which now grants a random chat user an animation, I decided to add in lights.

The reason lights are important on the glove is to help guide people to the high five and for them to understand that they are changing aspects of the tv/online. I was originally noticing that people didn't notice the tv animation when they high fived. The lights on the glove pulse the rainbow animation when they high five me, and is more in line with their eyes. We look at the hand we are going to high five, not the other person's face.