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atltvheadatltvhead 02/06/2019 at 02:250 Comments

Preface: Every LED strip is different and therefor require different diffuser designs.

I also finally figured out some 3d printed diffusion tubes for leds. I used clear petg and printed it out on the Prusa Mk3. I used Fusion 360 model the diffuser.

Led's are everywhere nowadays and the undiffused led is oh so commonplace. It's a matter of design consideration when looking at sign or object. This has led me to take a critical look at my own designs and see if the diode is adding to the overall feel of the piece or getting in the way of its communication. A diffuser gives you the control of LED strip with the color of neon tube. It makes images pop and really helps to communicate any messages any time of day!

I've included a template (LED Release .step) file in the file section of this project. It is set up for a 7mm wide led strip at 144 leds/m.  Internal geometry is where the magic happens and its not always straight forward. This file has one internal bubble spanning it's length. The idea is to change, modify, add, and subtract what happens on the inside of the diffuser to tune it in for the led's you own. For example look at the Diffuser Square, It has two bubbles both of which are square! The light bounces around differently compared to the template file, see below!

Template difusers
You can still see the diodes, but it's somewhere to build from
Square Internal Geometry
The difference is between the template and more structure is very apparent.

Keep exploring and having fun with 3d printed diffusers! Never settle for what is common place, unless you want to. Then it's okay. ;)