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Our, title not understand, because our project it's simple and not expensive, that's is mean we will use our mind

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{In the name of God the Merciful}
In the old, when binary fuses appeared, they were known to only transform electrical energy into visionary energy, and a theory was developed about whether a diode could capture light and convert it into data ?. In this simple project, which was based on algorithms to study the type of light, this theory was achieved from this project. Which was recorded on the archives of Oxford University of America.


A Light emitting diode (LED) is essentially a pn junction diode. When carriers are
injected across a forward-biased junction, it emits incoherent light. Most of the
commercial LEDs are realized using a highly doped n and a p Junction.

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Generally LED is simple , but if we add just Arduino Uno3
without any electronic component we can use it for security for example when  it's detect light in dark , anyway we can use this idea in much. it will work like Ultrasonic send waves and if a object in domain waves, will turn on alarm.

Tools :

2 LED // LED1 Receive Light (input) and LED2 (Output)

Arduino Uno3

Arduino IDE


// our source code

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