3D fix a helicopter

Printing a Jesus nut for an RC helicopter

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A friend asked me if I could fix his large FQ777 helicopter that was shuttered into pieces after an unfortunate crash landing. Because I like the challenges, I agreed to give it a try.

   I had some experiences with printing things that fly and I wanted also to try my CAD designing skills in redesigning the Jesus nut of this rotor. I knew exactly that It would have to be a precision print if I wanted it to fly and I also knew about the limitation of my Prusa i2 3D printer. I knew that If I'm going to go for a 0.1mm layer height, this would cause the print to get heated up too much and deform while printing and I also knew that the pin  of the blade grip set must oscillate and move freely inside this nut and any error could cause more problems than solutions. 

   The result was spectacular. It was better than I expected and the RC toy lived to see better days. The PLA plastic seemed strong enough and it successfully withstand multiple crashes after the fix.  In the beginning, I feared the the blade pin will not oscillate freely inside the 3D printed nut or that I will not be able to make a precision hole, but it seems that the PLA plastic is strong as the oak wood when it comes to drilling or sanding. 

Stl files link can be found below in this document:

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  • 1
    Reconstruct the broken piece just for the model

    The first step would be to reconstruct the old piece just to gain an appearance of the old model and to be able to measure its dimensions

    In my case, I used the soldering Iron and some leftover plastic pieces to glue everything back together. 

  • 2
    Take measurements

    Use a very good  caliper or micrometer to measure the dimensions of what it's left of the original piece. 

  • 3

    Use your favorite solid modeling software to create the design and then export it into STL.

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Stephen Tranovich wrote 01/31/2018 at 20:06 point

Cool fix!

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