This circuit board can control servos and digital outputs with a PS4 controller over USB and Bluetooth.  Also works with a gaming joystick and several 3D mice.  No programming is required, it comes pre-programmed and it has most of the servo adjustments you'd ever need to make already built in.  You can hold  the "PS" and "Share" buttons for 3 seconds to enter a configuration mode, and cycle through the output channels and make adjustments using the controller buttons.

Servo Adjustments include:

  • Trim
  • Sensitivity
  • Travel direction
  • Travel limits
  • Deadband
  • Center calibration
  • Incremental Mode (servo moves incrementally in the direction you push the stick)

Button Adjustments include:

  • Toggle
  • Autofire (pulse with and frequency adjustable)
  • Single pulse (pulse width adjustable)
  • Toggled autofire
  • Output inversion

It takes 5-16V, and has an on-board 5V regulator than can be used to power the servos, or you can bypass it to power the servos directly from the power supply if you need more power.