Remote Control Case with Flexible Buttons

Replacement case for PTX-4 type garage door remotes common in Australia. My case design incorporates flexible button keys.

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These PTX garage door remotes are very common in Australia. It is also common for them to fall apart, especially when stuffed into the pocket of skinny jeans!

Yes, replacements and cheap compatible remotes can be found on eBay but that isn't anywhere near as fun as an evening of Solidworks.

My design has flexible buttons that flex down to interface with the tactile switches on the board.

The case was designed in Solidworks in two halves which snap together and screw closed.

The print was done in ABS on a freebie printer given to my wife by her boss for Xmas a few years back (LOL score!). It's an Up Mini.

Photo 1: The remote control case in it's original pristine condition, hot of the bed in February 2015.
Photo 2: The standard condition of most genuine ATA PTX-4 remote! This one's in good condition!
Photo 3: Rear view of case.
Photo 4: Todays photo of the case, 2 years later. Still alive and clicking!


STL file for the bottom half of the case

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 183.77 kB - 01/18/2018 at 08:42



STL file for the top half of the case

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 425.77 kB - 01/18/2018 at 08:41


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