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Simple pocket sized function generator

gannongannon 12/22/2014 at 16:300 Comments

Every project needs a case! Currently I have a rectangular case designed around the parts using OpenSCAD. The top and bottom are open to allow fitting parts in for testing.

A few revisions later and I have something that is the correct size for everything. I'll try to finalize the design soon to be a 3 part case. Top shell, bottom shell, and battery door.

I haven't done much on the firmware side while I have been waiting for the PCB to come in, but I should replicate the PCB on a bread board and test everything out. Need to hunt down friends with an oscilloscope to look at the output at all though... Well, the output frequency should be low enough that I should be able to use a sound card and a computer to look at the signal. We'll see.

In the event that the PCB doesn't arrive in time I'll have to wire everything up on some perfboard. I hope the PCB arrives with some time to spare!