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Simple pocket sized function generator

gannongannon 12/30/2014 at 14:300 Comments

With my little eye, an unrouted wire!

At the same time, only ONE unrouted wire. And it's even in a convenient location as I can just use a solder blob to fix it.

But of course that isn't the only issue. The 4 pin connector for the display was rotated 180 degrees and I didn't notice in time... Quick fix of course was to wire it up rather than using a pin header. I just hope none of the wires break off.

I assembled the PCB and attached everything to it last night. I even documented the process a bit with some pictures and video! Well, until my camera battery cut out around half way through the hard part. I'll work on editing those together later.

I tried to get the Trinket Pro working on my computer last night without any luck. It might be the USB cables, or just the computer. I will try with a different computer, but if that fails I'll be slapping my FTDI friend on the Trinket for now.