Bluetooth BTstack compiled for Cortex-A9

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75x40 mm, 6 layer PCB, Xilinx XC7Z7010 FPGA, dual core ARM Cortex-A9, 32Mbyte Flash, SD, microSD, Bluetooth, 100 mil headers, single 3.3V

Antti LukatsAntti Lukats 11/28/2014 at 10:212 Comments

The open source bluetooth stack BTstack (dual GPL + commercial license) has been compiled for Zynq the code does even fit into OCM, well we do not need it as we have plenty of flash space for code, but for development purposes its easier to load the code into RAM for fast debugging.

This just the first successful compilation of BTstack in Xilinx SDK 2014.4, the HAL layer is not implemented, BLE support is excluded.


Antti Lukats wrote 11/29/2014 at 21:51 point
Second stage bootloader of course can use BT SPP connection, that is the plan. We just got the btstack minimal test working today, the "led counter" stack test works. All compiled, interrupts and timer initialized, run_loop handler set to hear-beat handler, where LED is blinking. Working. Next step is to add UART routines and then can already test the stack with real communication also.

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Andrei Errapart wrote 11/28/2014 at 16:48 point
Do you have any plans for a BT bootloader?

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