Where is my Trinket?!?!, I guess I dont win a scope..

A project log for A Wearable Voice Memo Recorder

This project is intended as an entry for the Trinket Everyday Carry Contest. A trinket based, convenient, wearable voice memo recorder

corey_toppercorey_topper 01/07/2015 at 17:490 Comments

Okays since I'm rotting in Kidney Dialysis and there is NOTHING interesting on TV today I thought I should probably use the time to update this project, which even though is not going to yield a Scope should still be completed.

Despite Rue Mohr ordering it in early Dec, our Trinket Pro still haven't arrived, GRRR.

But that aside I succeeded in assembling a wearable or at least pocketable device which will record a 8khz .Wav file