Wristband Notification System

Smart wristbands that vibrate specific patterns to convey notifications to the wearer. Experiment to train my body to recognize the patterns

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Until recently I had a pebble smart-watch. Unfortunately it was stolen :( The thing I missed the most was the vibrations from the notifications. It felt a bit bare without it. This got me thinking; what if I had 2 (both arms) or 4 (arms and legs) vibrating wristbands on and depending on the notification it would vibrate a specific pattern. Could I teach/train my body to recognize the pattern? Basically the same than a smart watch, but no visual indication.
The most useful feature of my pebble was indicating that someone is texting me or trying to contact me while I was driving. Without picking up my phone (dangerous while driving), I knew whether I need to stop and phone my boss or whether it was just a sms with the latest pizza specials (which I can ignore until I get home). This can be translated into the wristbands, ie. a slow vibration on my right leg indicates that it's not important but a fast buzz on my right wrist means that I need to make/take the call
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Jesse wrote 01/12/2017 at 15:56 point

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DigiGram wrote 12/10/2014 at 15:23 point
Tom, this can be handy to use with Maps for navigation (especially on foot or bike)! Or to buzz 5 minutes before your are should loadshed so you can grab a candle ;)

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