Software + Font (plus new toys)

A project log for Insulin Minder

Helps keep track of how hot or cold my insulin has gotten and when I last had an injection. Great for the absent minded diabetic!

Linus DillonLinus Dillon 01/06/2015 at 11:320 Comments

Lots of progress on the software front (see my git repository). I've now got the main screen working, complete with history graph, alarm set-point indicators and min/max/current temperature readouts (sorry about the poor photos):

I also have the screens for setting the min and max temperature alarms:

Hard to see on the first screen, but I also added an additional font - smaller than even the default one in the Adafruit library.

As for new toys, my solder rework station (an unbranded 898D+) arrived, as has a few extra parts for the Insulin Minder. Hoping to get some of the hardware sorted this weekend, at least to the point of being able to carry it around.