Designing board = implementation issues!

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Portable lo-fi music sequencer

Michele PerlaMichele Perla 12/09/2014 at 23:070 Comments

Hello there,

I'm thinking and rethinking the design of the board that will host all the ready-made pieces, and I'm facing a multitude of issues, related to power:

I still have to answer a few of these questions; what I got right now is that it will surely be easier to deal with a 3.3 V Trinket so to have two batttery-fueled power zones:

In this configuration I can right now shutdown Trellis+Amp by disabling the 5 V dedicated step-up converter, since Trellis will eat 320 mA alone with all LEDs on and Audio Amp may be eating other 80 mA, that's 400 mA total.

I still got to find a way to turn on the Trinket Pro first, then check for battery status, and eventually turn on OLED/ROM to display/read something, and even further turn on Trellis/Audio Amp for full functionality. I should implement a fixed regulator that powers the Trinket, possibly attaching it to the battery may work, then the Trinket will selectively turn on a 3.3 V regulator or a 5 V regulator or both. Gotta see if OLED/ROM library or chips support a power-down mode via software rather than brute-forcing it via regulator shut-down.

I'd like that when powered via USB, the BitMasher may only turn on Trinket Pro, OLED, ROM to leave all the juice to recharge battery; this will limit the USB-powered functionality to charge and to data transfer, but that seems fair to me.

Take a look at the first revision of the power section schematic for reference:

I'll keep working on this part until Sunday at the very last, I got to move on the software side asap!