ROM/OLED power on/off available + ROM/OLED test video

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Michele PerlaMichele Perla 12/10/2014 at 10:240 Comments

Hey there!

Before reviewing the schematic I had a look at the datasheets of both the SSD1306 OLED controller and the W25Q80BV Flash ROM, and both have a sleep mode/power-down mode. Hoorray! This means that the current power configuration should work to power Trinket Pro, OLED and ROM when the device is in the following states:

I still have to find a way to let the Trinket Pro shutdown itself; probably a pin that pulls low the ENABLE pin of its regulator won't work alone, but maybe pulling it low for some time while charging a capacitor should work?

While I find the perfect solution to this feature imlpementation, take a look at the OLED+ROM test that I performed on the Teensy 3.0; I'm using the Teensy 3.0 because that's the only 3.3V compatible board that I had lying around my house; I'll soon get a Trinket Pro 3.3V.