The end is nigh!

A project log for BitMasher

Portable lo-fi music sequencer

Michele PerlaMichele Perla 01/03/2015 at 19:570 Comments

Hey there,

this is the last day of the contest and the last hours of work for me on this project. Take a look at the demo video of what I could accomplish in a month:

The current features are:

Function generator (sine,square,tri,saw) with +/- 1 octave fine tuning and 4 concurrent samples playback from Flash ROM.

To sum things up, I failed for a number of reasons:

1) I couldn't fit even a quarter of the features I wanted to implement; the interrupt routine takes too much time to return when streaming samples from the ROM and therefore it slows things down (you can hear the frequency shift down when triggering the samples while the function generator runs)

2)I could not assemble a PCB; it turns out that DFN package is not easy to solder, especially if you do not leave any room on the traces to put the iron on... I'll try to run a second version of the board with longer pads to better reach them.

I learned a lot of things: pressure can make you work a lot, even when you have no time and even if that time is not enough anyway. I had a blast during the last month trying to do everything for this project in time, and I now know more about SMD PCB layout process that could help me with future projects for sure.

Thanks Hackaday for the great opportunity.