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An hacker's swiss knife in the form factor of the best phone ever

Mastro GippoMastro Gippo 01/03/2015 at 15:020 Comments

I just uploaded the sources on my GitHub account! So, do you want to build it? Here's a step-by-step introduction:

  1. Get all the design files from the main repo:
  2. Build the hardware!
  3. Download the firmware, binaries and tools from here: NokiaPack
  4. If you're lazy go to step 10, if not read on to generate the Font and Bitmap binaries yourself
  5. Use the PPM editor in the NokiaFirmware folder with the .fls file to export the .pef file with the fonts and a folder with all the bitmaps in the original firmware
  6. Get the Bitmap converter:
  7. Place the bitmaps in the "bmp" folder with the BitmapToBinary exe, run the program, select the bitmaps to include and click "Gen"
  8. Get the PEF Fonts tool:
  9. Place the font PEF file in the same folder as the PEF Fonts executable, run it to generate the font binaries, save them and the listed offsets
  10. Get the EEPROM upload tool:
  11. Upload the sketch to the Arduino (if you have all the hardware conneted, upload the 1337 3310 sketch uncomenting the #define EEWRITE)
  12. Copy all the bin files to the EEPROM uploader folder and run it (change the serial port in the code if needed)
  13. Upload the binaries, then click any phone button to end the write process if you're using the 1337 3310 sketch; the phone will beep
  14. Comment again the #define EEWRITE and upload the sketch
  15. ???
  16. PROFIT!!