Yet Another Raspberry Pi Garage Door Opener. With Node.js.

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One of our garage door actuators gave up the ghost and rather than spend $35 on another one, I decided this was a job for my Raspberry Pi. That way I could open it with my iPhone.

Of course, this has been done before ( and This version differs in the following ways:

1. Uses Node.js instead of python/apache.

2. Does NOT (yet) provide feedback as to whether the door is presently open or shut. I use my eyeballs for that :).

3. Does not use a relay shield or relay controller--I brew my own. This is a great exercise for learning about relays and transistors. (Note: the voltage being controlled here is quite low--in fact so low, I could have probably switched it with just the transistor alone. I make no guarantees about the suitability of this circuit for higher voltages.)

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