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A project log for Digivibe

An open hardware / open software vibrator, using a Trinket Pro (pro version) or a Digispark (mini version).

Welsh MulletWelsh Mullet 11/30/2014 at 23:390 Comments

Hello everyone (although that's probably no one at the moment)

This is a project I've had brewing for a while, aimed at creating a usb teledildonics device using the ATTiny 85. However, with the Trinket contest, I've decided to try developing on the more powerful microcontroller to create a "Pro" version of the device, and using the ATTiny to create a "Mini" version, with limited functionality.

As per the contest rule, the plan is for the trinket based version to be battery operated and fit into a person's back pocket, as well as hopefully looking more like an inconspicuous MP3 player, rather than a sex toy controller.

So, the Trinket Pro arrived on friday, after I ordered it off a nice UK company on Ebay for a total of £11. This was with fast and free delivery, so I cannot really complain that it comes in at a little more expensive than the US prices. As can be seen from the project photo, it is the Adafruit version of the board, running at 5v 16mhz.

Having got round to soldering the components tonight, the next step is to get my make shift 2.5mm jack working, and to write some software to test whether the Mosfet module or H-bridge module will be more useful in this first instance. With the attiny, I was leaning more towards the mosfet, due to using less pins and being able to handle a higher amount of amps. However, with more pins to play with, the H-bridge module would offer me 2 connectors for toys, and control over direction, which while not something found in standard toy controllers, might be interesting to play around with.