Ordering more parts

A project log for Digivibe

An open hardware / open software vibrator, using a Trinket Pro (pro version) or a Digispark (mini version).

Welsh MulletWelsh Mullet 12/01/2014 at 20:280 Comments

Not much done on the project today, beside the ordering of two sparkfun 3.5mm audio jack breakout boards. These things prove to be expensive for what they actually are, I'll have to design some cheaper ones to get from eventually, along with any other final pcbs.

The initial plan was to getto a connector out of a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adaptor. However, I've decided buying actual breakouts will help the project move along faster, especially as I'll need one anyway to take audio in for one of the planned features.

A little background:

This project came about after I found out about the Pen15 shield ( and the HackOff ( These seemed a little pricey for what you actually got, and the Pen15 was much too big when my only dev board was a digispark. Also, being in the UK kinda excluded me from buying either of these things at a reasonable price.

I think getting into sex toy hacking should be cheaper and easier, and more available. Hopefully that will be the outcome of this project.