Shame on you!

Finding open WIFI connections, default setups, and messing with people around you wanting an open wifi connection.

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Alerts you when an open WiFi connection is found while roaming the earth and assist friends/family with default setups. This is like a car, use for legal/legit purposes only.

Main parts involved

high level software design.

Found an old phone to use as a case which had some small dremel work done to open up the back more as well as remove some bracing that was in the way. It is rather big but I might be able to re-purpose the keypad for input.

Connecting all parts together

Cram it all into the phone. I used some think plastic to keep metal parts from touching on the components.

  • 1 × Adafruit Pro Trinket LiIon/LiPoly Backpack Add-On Adafruit Pro Trinket LiIon/LiPoly Backpack Add-On
  • 1 × Adafruit Pro Trinket - 3V 12MHz
  • 1 × OLED Breakout Board - 16-bit Color 1.27" w/microSD holder
  • 1 × SD/MicroSD Memory Card (4 GB SDHC)
  • 1 × Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 1200mAh

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  • Alright leaches

    BDM08/12/2015 at 02:57 2 comments

    You want this project to finish, then skull up. 55 followers and 8 skulls......

  • Still not working

    BDM01/06/2015 at 03:00 1 comment

    I dissabmbled the cell phone and mounted everything on stick of wood with a new OLED. SAME PROBLEM ARG!!!.

    For a brief second I saw the screen flash with a message about SD card Init failed but I cannot reproduce. Having thought about this for a day (no bench supply) I have though this could be a current issue. The Pro trinket with its limited current supply is not able to power everything (I know....). It did for a while but now it cannot handle it or a component on the board has failed so it's time to order a dedicated 3V supply that can handle the loads properly and not rely on the small current the trinket can provide.

    You can see the OLED (center), trinket (top), wifi (right), part of battery(bottom), and switch/LiPo circuit (front). This stick proto was great as the kids were acting like Thor with a puny WiFi hammer. Hmmmm, fox & hound wifi hunt..... (next project).

    Side note, when I switch to bus supply for the OLED I get a constant reset of the trinket. It boots, screen flashes then back into boot mode. endless frustrating loop.

  • REwiring oled

    BDM01/03/2015 at 10:25 0 comments

    1. I have been busy on operation red glass and today I will spend the day rewriting the oled to see if I can bring it back to life. On my other project I sticky mounted the board to wood which has worked great and more than likely what I will do now for this project as well.

  • Life and that damn OLED

    BDM12/20/2014 at 02:24 0 comments

    Well life has intervened again and had to fix one of my sons headphones. Complete hack job but he loves them. It appears beats headphones have a flaw resulting in mechanical failure. SAME SPOT months apart from taking headphones on/off. If you would like to see the fix check out the beats fix project. Moving on....

    It appears my OLED has stopped working resulting in me re-soldering all joints and having the same result, no screen. I have a bigger screen which I may attempt to move to OR just finish the code with FTDI programmer so I can see results.

  • HaD logo and printing complete

    BDM12/16/2014 at 00:52 0 comments

    Was able to complete the reading of a logo from the SD card and printing out the results of the AP query to the screen. Bad news I just read that the current library from Adafruit for the 1.27" OLED does not support screen rotation which means text is in landscape mode for now.

    I will also have to rewire the decide as it does not fit into the cell phone at this time due to the wire bundle causing about 1/8" extra gap and the lipo charger having a large connector which will also be removed tonight. For now please enjoy the crappy video.

  • Not much

    BDM12/08/2014 at 01:36 0 comments

    Last week I was only able to diagram, test fit, and solder small wires together. Unfortunately I had to deal with s a malicious creature cutting the wires on my Christmas lights. I was lucky in that I had a old webcam and was able find the culprit and am currently bringing them to the proper authorities.

  • Almost done with first part

    BDM12/02/2014 at 02:02 0 comments

    I am not the most avid arduino programmer so getting the list parsed, into an array, and filtered has taken me a bit more time than I thought. I am hoping tonight I can finish that piece so I can work on the self hosted AP logging code.

    On another note I did check with UPS tracking and my Trinket/OLED should be here by Wednesday so I can continue programming other parts.

  • Updated firmware and getting results

    BDM11/30/2014 at 20:03 0 comments

    I was able to follow ElectroDragon's firmware update guide to update my ESP8266 modules from 00150900 to 0018000902. Once this was done I was able to run a simple AT+CWLAP and listed all AP's around me with security information, SSID name, RSSi, MAC, and channel. Here are the results from coolterm. The first value after ( is the security used. I also did a lookup based on the MAC to see what type of manufacturer was supposedly being used (names and mac scrubbed). I will update DS2 with no security and see if I can open connect (this is my AP running DD-WRT with VLANS). If that works I will see what I can do with squid proxy to redirect to a login screen to fake a open wifi with login screen (like hotels and Adam's question below).

    0=None; 1=WEP; 2=WPA_PSK; 3=WPA2_PSK; 4=WPA_WPA2_PSK;

    AT+CWLAP +CWLAP:(3,"G1",-93,"ac:22:0b:-------",1) <---ASUSTEK
    +CWLAP:(4,"2WIRE123",-59,"b0:e7:54:-------",4) <---2WIRE
    +CWLAP:(4,"2WIRE567",-87,"00:26:50:-------",4) <-2WIRE
    +CWLAP:(3,"O1",-25,"c2:c1:c0:-------",6) <--CISCO
    +CWLAP:(3,"O2",-27,"c2:c1:c0:-------",6) <--CISCO
    +CWLAP:(1,"DS2",-25,"c2:c1:c0:-------",6) <--CISCO
    +CWLAP:(3,"ROKU10",-64,"b8:3e:59:-------",6) <---ROKU
    +CWLAP:(4,"ATT5",-72,"8c:7f:3b:-------",11) <---ARRIS GROUP
    +CWLAP:(0,"XFIITYWIFI2",-85,"06:f8:93:-------",11) <--NOT FOUND


  • Small letdown and new idea

    BDM11/30/2014 at 09:57 0 comments

    Well I could not sleep so I went to read about how the trinket pro works and on adafruit's website is a open wifi detector. Well that was a let down... Looks like I may need to add another project or extend this one for more fun. Might make an option for "open wifi" and then Give users connecting the jurrassic park wrong password gif/sound. Would be fun messing with people at the officE

  • Parts Ordered

    BDM11/30/2014 at 00:37 0 comments

    Congrats Hackaday staff for pulling me out of slacker land... again.

    Since I needed other parts to make this project move faster I ordered everything from I was lucky to do it this weekend and save 15% on my order with BLACKFRIDAY coupon code. Since I saved a few bucks I ordered a few extra displays, OLED and TFT, but I did forget my RTC or GPS module. Maybe I will order those for the updated version.

    I hope to post a general diagram later tonight with the idea and hopefully start the schematic of how all this will connect on the Trinket Pro.

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Mike Szczys wrote 01/05/2015 at 21:37 point

Reusing the cellphone is a good idea. That enclosure is meant to handle being carried around in your pocket... I have a half dozen old phone sitting in a box somewhere around here ;-)

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BDM wrote 01/06/2015 at 02:43 point

Exactly, I have a few around from the teenage kids not taking them out of pockets when doing laundry. Since it's not a smart phone and not cool they somehow get left behind but that's nothing when I can send them off to a manual labor chore so they understand the value of time/effort = $.

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BDM wrote 11/30/2014 at 09:42 point
Thanks for the welcome and finger waving idea Adam. My main goal is to help my less than tech savvy friends and family. As for your login page question it should be rather straight forward to request a webpage and check the results.

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Adam Fabio wrote 11/30/2014 at 07:42 point
Glad to have you aboard for this contest BDM! With a name like "Shame on You" you have to include a wagging finger animation on that OLED every time it detects an open network!
One question - How will you handle networks that are open, but direct to a default page (like a corporate network login)

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