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Finding open WIFI connections, default setups, and messing with people around you wanting an open wifi connection.

bdmBDM 11/30/2014 at 20:030 Comments

I was able to follow ElectroDragon's firmware update guide to update my ESP8266 modules from 00150900 to 0018000902. Once this was done I was able to run a simple AT+CWLAP and listed all AP's around me with security information, SSID name, RSSi, MAC, and channel. Here are the results from coolterm. The first value after ( is the security used. I also did a lookup based on the MAC to see what type of manufacturer was supposedly being used (names and mac scrubbed). I will update DS2 with no security and see if I can open connect (this is my AP running DD-WRT with VLANS). If that works I will see what I can do with squid proxy to redirect to a login screen to fake a open wifi with login screen (like hotels and Adam's question below).

0=None; 1=WEP; 2=WPA_PSK; 3=WPA2_PSK; 4=WPA_WPA2_PSK;

AT+CWLAP +CWLAP:(3,"G1",-93,"ac:22:0b:-------",1) <---ASUSTEK
+CWLAP:(4,"2WIRE123",-59,"b0:e7:54:-------",4) <---2WIRE
+CWLAP:(4,"2WIRE567",-87,"00:26:50:-------",4) <-2WIRE
+CWLAP:(3,"O1",-25,"c2:c1:c0:-------",6) <--CISCO
+CWLAP:(3,"O2",-27,"c2:c1:c0:-------",6) <--CISCO
+CWLAP:(1,"DS2",-25,"c2:c1:c0:-------",6) <--CISCO
+CWLAP:(3,"ROKU10",-64,"b8:3e:59:-------",6) <---ROKU
+CWLAP:(4,"ATT5",-72,"8c:7f:3b:-------",11) <---ARRIS GROUP
+CWLAP:(0,"XFIITYWIFI2",-85,"06:f8:93:-------",11) <--NOT FOUND