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bdmBDM 01/06/2015 at 03:001 Comment

I dissabmbled the cell phone and mounted everything on stick of wood with a new OLED. SAME PROBLEM ARG!!!.

For a brief second I saw the screen flash with a message about SD card Init failed but I cannot reproduce. Having thought about this for a day (no bench supply) I have though this could be a current issue. The Pro trinket with its limited current supply is not able to power everything (I know....). It did for a while but now it cannot handle it or a component on the board has failed so it's time to order a dedicated 3V supply that can handle the loads properly and not rely on the small current the trinket can provide.

You can see the OLED (center), trinket (top), wifi (right), part of battery(bottom), and switch/LiPo circuit (front). This stick proto was great as the kids were acting like Thor with a puny WiFi hammer. Hmmmm, fox & hound wifi hunt..... (next project).

Side note, when I switch to bus supply for the OLED I get a constant reset of the trinket. It boots, screen flashes then back into boot mode. endless frustrating loop.


BDM wrote 01/06/2015 at 04:11 point

Just ordered a step down DC/DCconverter to supply the OLED/Wifi module with proper current. From what I can tell wifi can pull 280mA and OLED can pull the same so a 1A module should just work out. Expensive little part but its drag and drop...

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