Comment on the Trinket Everyday Carry Contest Guidelines

A project log for Pro Trinket USB Keyboard

A USB keyboard for custom shortcuts based on the Pro Trinket and Pro Micro

Stefan LochbrunnerStefan Lochbrunner 11/30/2014 at 22:180 Comments

As this this a entry for the Hackaday Trinket Everyday Carry Contest I'd like to address some things regarding the guidelines.

One might take issue with the size of the project. Depending on the implementation, especially of the case, the device might not fit in everybody's pocket.

Another issue is that this project isn't battery powered since it doesn't make sense for the nature of the project.

However, I'd argue that those issues don't disqualify this project as

"[b]y definition, following a guideline is never mandatory."

Furthermore, the way I see it this gadget definitely has the potential to be used for all kinds tasks, be it multimedia control or (through the push of a button switch to) image editing with application specific sets of keyboard shortcuts. Therefore I think this project qualifies as a useful everyday carry tool.

And in case the judges disagree... at the very least I documented and shared some solutions to problems I encountered in a project I was going to do anyway ;)