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Dr  SalicaDr Salica 01/03/2015 at 16:500 Comments

At the moment, the Portable Trollmaster 3000 is not very ... portable. Time to change this !

Thanks to the integrated voltage regulator on the Trinket Pro, it can easily be powered with anything up to 16V. A 9V lithium battery will do the trick. I found a nice litte enclosure. It's about 7 cm wide, 6 cm deep and 4.5 cm high. Ok, I admit it, it's a little bit larger than an Altoid enclosure ;-)

After rewiring everything on a smaller breadboard and cutting the lid of the enclosure, here is the final product :

Since I had no banana for scale near me, I used a 2 euros coin. I had to use some tape to fix everything in place. It's a little crowded in there ...

You can see it in action here :

As you can hear in the video, there is a lot of noise when I move the enclosure. I guess the audio carrying wire is too close from the voltage regulator or another noise source. I guess a major improvement would be to design a clean PCB for this project. I have never done this before and I'm a little afraid to work with chemical products.