​ SDA Mk.2 goes Open Source

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Do you miss those old small devices in your palm? Don't be sad, you can always build your own!

brtnstbrtnst 10/30/2018 at 13:530 Comments

The PCB is fixed

I fixed the PCB layout from the previous post, it seems to work well enough.

 Board revisions
Red is the old one, green is the new one.

What is tested and working:

Not tested:

Known bugs:

Vcc is used as voltage reference, so when the battery goes under 3.3V it measures battery voltage incorrectly. The device works until about 2.7 V (battery voltage) and then it became a bit buggy and occasionally crashes filesystem on the SD card. If you keep the device charged, then you don't experience these bugs, but I wil be fixing them in a next board revision anyway.

Known bugs will be posted or removed from readme file in the hw repo.

Where to get the KiCad files & gerbers?
On the SDA Hardware GitHub

Update on the case

I also updated the case and printed it in black (I run out of red filament). You can get the .stl files and the FreeCAD project on the SDA Hardware GitHub.

The SDA, now without hotglue.