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brtnstbrtnst 03/06/2024 at 19:282 Comments

Just a quick update: I finally managed to make a video presenting the current state of the SDA. After five years of the device's existence, I guess it's about time.

The video doesn't go too in depth, it shows what the SDA looks like, compares it to the previous "model" and again to the Handspring Visor. The bulk of the video is devoted to the evolution of the software, which is where most of the changes have taken place over the past few years.

In the video I also briefly show the "Smartphone" version of the SDA (It has a SIM800 GSM module inside), but that probably deserves its own video when it's fully operational. I'm still a bit surprised that the SDA OS software stack is already working reliably enough that I would somewhat trust it to take my calls.

Last year before Christmas we started thinking about a new version of the SDA hardware. If any of you follow my github, you might have a clue. The new hardware hasn't left the drawing board yet, and I don't really know if it will work the way I envision. For now, the only thing I'll reveal here is that it will have an usb-c, that I know for sure.

Anyway, now I have more time for the SDA project, so expect some updates here or maybe in a new project here on hackaday.


kelvinA wrote 06/13/2024 at 10:20 point

I like the wide variety of applications present, as well as the use of the Nokia battery. 

I'm currently looking into creating PDA-esque devices and have been worried that the 2MB of RAM in the STM32U5G7 left after the framebuffers wouldn't be enough (since things like the Nintendo DSi and upcoming ESP32P4 have 16MB), but if this is doable on 1/10th the RAM, it should be fine.

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brtnst wrote 06/13/2024 at 18:57 point

Thanks for the comment. The display that I use has its own framebuffer, so the device technically has a bit more available memory. Also the software does a lot of caching on the memory card (and other tricks). For how much memory should something have, it really depends on the core use case. 2MB might be enough for all simple gui and text editing stuff, but things like image processing might be constrained.

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