News around the 'not-longer-Tardis' Watch

A project log for OwnWatch

The OwnWatch is a Arduino compatible smartwatch which is soft- and hardware expandable and not much bigger than a common brand smartwatch

Moritz WenzelMoritz Wenzel 03/03/2015 at 17:410 Comments

Hey DIY-Smartwatch Friends,
It's been awhile since my last update(s) here and on Facebook. But don't worry i haven't stopped working on the Project or something like that.
First of all the bad news: After some trouble i got *forced* to rename The Project. BBC don't allow me to keep the name TARDIS -Watch, since it's theire trademark and yeah...
It's a pitty, since i actually took this name because i was a big Doctor Who Fan and thought this name would be great for such a 'nerdy' Watch, and also the word tARDis relates to the fact that it is Arduino based/compatible but yeah, sadly it seems that BBC don't see it as 'paying tribute to their great work' it's more like they feel hurt in their rights/trademarks/whatever.

I will think about a new name for the next two weeks and would really love to hear some ideas from you and all people who might be interested in this project! Maybe your suggestion will be the future name of the project? I'm not sure if anyone of you read this but hey, let's give it a try to solve this problem and beeing creative together.

You might wonder what else happened since my last update. Well it's a lot of coding that has to be done and i reached the limits of the little Atmega32u4, that i'm currently using on the Watch, so i redesigned the Mainboard. First i thought about using an ARM Processor instead of the AVR's but after a while i wanted to stick with the AVR's and decided to take a Atmega1284P, which has really nice specs in compare to the 32u4 (RAM, Flash, Powerconsumption, etc..). Also the Bootsection of the 1284P is larger than the Bootsection of the 32u4 which is anyway almost completely used with the USB-Interfacing. Hopefully with the 1284P it'll be possible to boot Sketches/'Apps' from SD-Card. (Just a few thoughts).

Since i decided to take the new Microcontroller i also needed an USB-Serial driver. There was only one little problem.. The entire Mainboard was already filled with parts, IC's and Devices, so i decided to replace the HM-10/HC-05 Bluetooth Module with a smaller Dual Mode Bluetooth module (HM-13), which supports the new Bluetooth Low Energy protocole 4.0, but also the older 2.1 / 3.0 Protocols.
In Addition i replaced the DS3231 SOP-16 Package with the smaller DS3231M SOP-8 Version. This little replacement gave me 1mm bonus in thickness, so i thought, why not using this mm and spend the Watch a bigger battery, now there is a 402030 LiPo inside with around 200mAh.

Of course i also designed a new Case + Spacer (Between Mainboard and Displayboard) which reduces the entire Thickness of the Watch down to 14mm.

And last but not least, over the time many of you asked me when and where they can get one of these Watches, some asked for the raw PCB's + Parts for assembling it on your own, and some asked for the finished Watch. I'm still thinking about a Kickstarter Campaign, but as i've already said, there is a lot of coding that has to be done*. And of course also all these non-technical things. I hope you can understand, that it isn't possible for me to manufacture all the watches for you guys on my own here in my apartment with my soldering iron. When i'm done with all the work*, i'll give you more specific details about a Kickstarter Campaign, Videos, Pictures and all the interesting stuff that you want to see!
* (mostly the coding, so if someone with programming experience want to join, you're welcome.. :) )
Currently i'm writing all the System-Apps and menus for the Watch, for example the 'Analog Watch' i'm working on today(yep still in work as you can see):

Would love to read your comments, especially your ideas about a new, suitable, creative name.

- Moritz W.