Toner transfer test

A project log for Clear enclosure project box legends

Not a project per se but a technique for enclosure fabrication.

mulcmumulcmu 01/19/2015 at 02:140 Comments

Tested toner transfer to 1/8 thick clear acrylic sheet using glossy photo paper. This was done with iron on fabric covered ironing board. The plastic heated enough that it deformed a bit. A flat heat resistant surface should work better. The iron was cranked up to the linen setting. Might not need the iron as hot as for PCB fab. The plastic toner might fuse quicker with the heated acrylic than copper. Transferred ok, a few spots had holes due to the print as well as being a little too aggressive in brushing of the paper after soaking in water.

Spray painted the back with silver spray paint as I planned to mount this tag to a white door. (Sometimes there is confusion over the primary function of the room that also houses the clothes washer and dryer. This little plaque will be used to clarify.)