T.I.T.A.N Exoskeleton

Powered exoskeleton made for super Strength

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This is T.I.T.A.N... T.I.T.A.N is a pneumatic powered exoskeleton made for all sorts of things.. mainly was built to increase the strength of the pilot. By the time i'm done Titan should curl 480 pounds like nothing...

Currently only finished the arms soon the legs, back support, and pneumatic grid.

  • 1 × Rectangle Tubing 3x2 8'
  • 2 × Pneumatic Hydraulics

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zakqwy wrote 12/08/2014 at 19:27 point
Interesting project! A few comments:

- Don't get 'hydraulics' and 'pneumatics' confused. You're using pneumatic cylinders and fittings, and the compressed air supply tank suggests a pneumatic system. They are different and non-interchangeable concepts.
- The force rating on your pneumatic cylinders is just based on the cross sectional area of the pistons times their maximum pressure rating. You have 40mm bore cylinders rated for 130psig; do the math and you'll get 250lbs of maximum 'push'. However, the 'pull' will be lower than this because the cross section of the shaft itself must be subtracted from that of the piston for the return stroke.
- I'm not sure you'll manage to curl 480lbs, for two reasons: 1) the mounting ears you carved out of your tube stock to form the pivot point would likely shear off; and 2) even pushing 250lbs, your pneumatic cylinders are secured on the short side of a pivot. If the forearm is twice as long as the extension attached to the cylinder, the actual force exerted at the end of the arm will be cut in half (with twice the swing distance). Make sense?
- In the videos--the music is a lot louder than the talking, and you don't always keep your drawings on the screen long enough to see. When you do diagrams, I'd consider scanning in high-res copies and posting them separately.

Good luck, you've got a lot of tough problems ahead of you to solve!

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Zack Sutphin wrote 12/09/2014 at 20:06 point
Thanks for the tips!

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