Components ordered!

A project log for TrinketPro Movement Alarm for Bag Theft Prevention

A portable, battery powered device that sounds an alarm when your bag is moved. Once armed, can only be turned off by your secret code.

MakerSelfMakerSelf 12/08/2014 at 05:320 Comments

I ordered the components that I am missing!


- 1x Trinket Pro from (the screenprint looks badass)

- 1x MPU 6050 accelerometer

- A variety of small plastic boxes and project boxes from Amazon. I would like to put this in a small container, and eventually will try to 3D print this (but that will likely occur in the new year).

- Some nice, big momentary on buttons (5), also from Amazon

I have the LED, some other buttons should I need, the transistor etc. already. Just hoping the components don't take too long to arrive so I will be able to get down to working on the project.