Final EDC Contest Update!

A project log for Robotic 3rd Hand

The Robotic 3rd Hand is worn on the forearm and hands you a tool right when you need it.

timTim 01/02/2015 at 15:140 Comments

I'm wrapping everything up for the EDC contest today. I just changed the project name to 'Robotic Third Hand' instead of 'EMG Third Hand'. I"m not sure if that is going to break any links or mess up my entry, hopefully the omniscient hackaday staff has got that all under control. The EMG just didn't make sense to keep in the name since I found the EMG part not fit for the spirit of this project.

Here are a couple of videos of it all in action! This first video gives a good look at the whole Robotic Third Hand and it's motion.

This second video shows a real world use case for it's functionality as I secure the lower server into a MeArm. Notice that the movement and use of my right hand is not encumbered at all by the use of the Robotic Third Hand.

All the design file are up on thingiverse now:

A few more pictures:

I guess that's all! Happy Hacking!


I wouldn't want to get disqualified based on the technicality of pocketability of my project. I interpreted the everyday carry-ness of my project as something that you would be able to wear on your arm everyday, the contest post spelling out the rules sounds like it needs to be carried in a pocket so....

It all fits! I still had more pocket too, I didn't push it down all the way so that you could tell that I actually had the Robotic Third Hand in there.