Mr Hoverboard

A Hoverboard you can make at home for less than $500

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UPDATE 10/4/15

The road from prototype to manufacturable product was an overwhelmingly surprising journey. It tested my patience repeatedly, but I finally found a way to make this available to those who don't have the skills to make one themselves. I know to a lot of people here think this sort of thing is old hat, but I'm happy to bring this amazing technology to new audiences.


Ryan aka Mr H

Plans at
Twitter: @Mr_Hoverboard
Instragram: #MrHoverboard

Video Proof Here

  • 1 × Plywood 1/2" thick, 4'x4'
  • 1 × Skateboard Deck 30"+
  • 1 × Shower Liner Peva is the best I've found so far but still need to test some of the heavier guage vinyl
  • 2 × Coffee Can Lids Other lids work too, size depends on disc size. Just make sure it's thin enough to staple through.
  • 1 × Gaffers Tape Not always available at hardware stores. I used Rock N Roll Rentals in ATX

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Androiders wrote 12/17/2014 at 13:11 point
That video is soooo coool :)
Great job, great idea!

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MECHANICUS wrote 12/13/2014 at 22:11 point
Hey IH8UKULELE sent you an email.

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