Words, meet Excel.. Excel, meet words...

A project log for Can I borrow a feeling?

or, how I can access a random emotion at the press of a button.

Sascha GrantSascha Grant 12/11/2014 at 01:190 Comments

I have two word lists I need to use - one being the positive feelings and the other being negative.

While in most cases, putting positive and negative things together will result in sparks, with the careful use of Excel, I've managed to create a 'master list' of words. This list holds in harmony both the positive and negative feelings as approved by the organization.

Why did I use Excel?

Due to the size of the word list, I need to push the data into PROGMEM. Each data element needs to be formatted as follows -

prog_char string_0[] PROGMEM = "A Feeling"; 
prog_char string_1[] PROGMEM = "Another Feeling";

I found it easiest to create this in columns and simply concatenate the result - no manually incrementing numbers here!

Work continues on the selection code....