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or, how I can access a random emotion at the press of a button.

Sascha GrantSascha Grant 12/21/2014 at 08:010 Comments

Since my last update - a mere 18 hours ago - a lot has happened (little of which was sleep, but that's ok, it's the weekend!!)

First up I started by soldering wires to the switches, the 9v battery snap and the socket for the LCD screen.

Work on the box started next. Using an Acrylic glue, I assembled the front and sides.

Aw! Looks like a robot!!

To close the box up, I've attached 4 screw tabs at the back.

These are threaded for an M3 screw. I'm using M3 screws throughout this build as they're a good size and I have a bunch of them in different lengths :)

Next up, final assembly!