Aaaaand we're done!

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or, how I can access a random emotion at the press of a button.

Sascha GrantSascha Grant 12/29/2014 at 12:120 Comments

Well, this is it! Final assembly :)

First step in final assembly was to pass the wires from the buttons through the case - as these need to be in place when I solder the wires onto the Trinket Pro. If I could count the times I've soldered switches and buttons up too soon.... But not this time!

I didn't have a JST connector handy for the battery, so I used a 2-pin locking header. I bent the pins in an 'S' shape - works like a charm!

I decided that since I'm only using a few connection points I didn't need the headers, just solder straight onto the board. I created a junction for the three grounding wires (1 for the LCD and one each for the buttons) - you can see that in the image above.

Here's the layout in Fritzing -

With everything up and running, the screen, battery and Trinket Pro were then placed into the case.

To stop the battery and Trinket Pro moving in the case, I've used some double-sided tape. Ok, so my cable management skills need some work!

The back panel was held in place by 4 M3 screws - quick and easy access to the battery when it needs to be changed.

And here we go! Up and running ! Woot!!

How are you feeling? Press the Green button for Good and the Red for Bad :)

Project Complete.

How's the team going to take this? I think they'll love it! Big reveal is a week away.