Starting to get a decent 3D shape

A project log for 2nd Generation Moto X Qi Charging Case

A Qi charging case for the Motorola Moto X+1 (2014/2nd Generation/XT109x)

J. KhaJ. Kha 12/11/2014 at 03:100 Comments

It took me (and the help of my girlfriend and her Windows laptop) a little bit to extract the .dae model for the phone from their product page's 3D view, and then to fix up that model into something usable.

I am using Blender to do the modeling, and the Shrink Wrap modifier and Boolean modifiers have been very handy. Still quite a bit to go to get the case details I want, but I thought I would start sharing at this point. The main idea here is that washers in the feet will stick to the magnetic charging base, which I will be sharing as a separate project.

Another one of my early experiments was to get a Qi charger of any kind working with my phone. I got a charging module with a USB plug attached and was unable to charge. Using my Hack-A-Day USB tester board, I was able to get it to charge by shorting the data lines together, after much playing around and some forum discussions with Adafruit.

After I got all that figured out I found a USB cable that I had that had the data pins shorted together *on the connector* and proceeded to disect that to make it as small as possible.