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Send your own hardware to space

Paul KocylaPaul Kocyla 03/15/2015 at 02:200 Comments

I submitted the project for the Hackaday Prize 2015.

But what exactly can a tiny satellite do for the community?

The CHIPSTAR is a platform - what it´s used for is up to you - you can program it and come up with a concept that may be beneficial for all of us.

Here is one idea:

Free communication network: 4 billion people in the world are offline. A satellite network could be a great solution to provide free worldwide communication. Use the CHIPSTAR to develop communication protocols, stationkeeping, intercommunication, routing etc.

Another point is the accesibility of space launches to a wide range of enthusiasts:

The costs for a cubesat launch are about 100.000$, a PocketQub reduces them to 30.000$.
We are trying tu push them down to 1500$ - for one CHIPSTAR, and of course we hope for fundings to make a first launch possible.