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Send your own hardware to space

Paul KocylaPaul Kocyla 02/07/2016 at 12:370 Comments

A motivation check:

I though about enabling people to put their OWN hardware into a pocketqub. To get a good launch price, the hardware would need to stay inside the pocketqub -but could last for several years in space.
There would fit 20-24 modules inside about a square inch each. It would be possible to provide openings in the outer shell for optical/radiation or other sensors for each module.
I would provide a standard UART to each module. The data would be sent via SSTV picture. Each module would get a dedicated area in that picture.
Tell me what you think about that?
With 20 modules inside, the launch cost would be around 1000$ per person.
I would take care of the carrier module, the power system including solar cells, charging overcurrent/short circuit protection, the radio system/antenna deployment, the UART router, in-orbit stabilization, all the flight approval tests and the paper war etc.
There would be a PCB template with a pinheader for the connections and a simulator for easy development.
Like mentioned, the Interface would be a standard UART. Maybe a possibility to share data with other modules would be cool.
I will make the pocketqub ready for launch if there are enough people (at least 20) to build their own module and share the launch costs.