WiFi Home Sensor Network

A collection of small, simple, unobtrusive modules to monitor and automate a home, dorm, or other small area.

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When I moved into my new apartment, I noticed my door has no doorbell. I've also found that I'm prohibited from installing one.

This brought me to the idea of building a small, unobtrusive wireless sensor on the inside of the door to detect when someone knocks, and deliver a more obvious/audible alert that someone is at the door.

And then scope creep set in...

I've expanded this idea to cover several other common home automation tasks, and I plan to develop a network of modules to accomplish those common tasks (power/outlet control, lighting control, thermostat control, etc.) as well as timing/scheduling, logging, and monitoring of those tasks.

The aim is to power each module with an ESP8266 tied to an AVR. However, if free time and interest permit, I'd like to use this as an opportunity to build the toolchain and learn to write the firmware for these modules to be run natively on the ESP8266, bringing complexity, size, points of failure, and BOM down.

  • Initial mess-around code

    ClockworkJayo01/12/2015 at 22:13 0 comments

    I've written some initial code for the temperature control portion of the Thermostat, just because I haven't tinkered much with analog temperature sensors before. You can take a peek at

    The code currently checks whether the ambient temperature is within pre-programmed threshold and tolerance levels, and toggles one of two pins (to later be used as "heat" and "cool" triggers when used as a thermostat replacement) on or off accordingly.

    The next step is to write a few methods to facilitate external communication with the chip (reading present values, getting/setting threshold levels, etc), and integrating the wi-fi module to relay these details to/from a remote terminal.

    Not a massive leap I know, but free time is at a premium, and any progress is progress.

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