Send IR power codes, switch on and off the TVs around you and piss off your unsuspicious friends. Uses just a ProTrinket and an IR LED.

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We are creating a remote control that can switch on and off any TV by sending infrared signals. It is a simple and quick project that needs a ProTrinket, an IR LED and a resistor. As we are currently waiting to get our hands on the new ProTrinkets we have ordered, we are using an Arduino Uno to test the code and prototyping. And guess what? it works!

The final device will be a ProTrinket with a LiPo battery, an LED and possibly a switch or a button to operate it.
  • 1 × Pro Trinket 3V
  • 1 × IR LED
  • 1 × Resistor
  • 2 × wires

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nicholashooker0 wrote 01/04/2017 at 00:01 point

Does anyone have a tv b gone code that works on the trinket?

I can't seem to get this to work.

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