Minimal L-Star on a Breadboard, and KITS ARE BACK!

A project log for L-Star: Software-Defined 6502 Computer

Replicate an Apple-1. Or an OSI Challenger. Or something else. Design your own 6502 computer by programming it.

jac-goudsmitJac Goudsmit 04/18/2020 at 08:420 Comments

I intended to get this done last weekend for the 44th birthday of the Apple 1 computer (April 11 1976) but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. After I had put the circuit together, it didn't work at first. The 65C02 that I was using, had given the ghost, possibly because of me being careless with static electricity. I checked all the wiring first (which took a long time) and when everything checked out, I wrote a short program to slow the 6502 clock down to a crawl of 1 Hz or so, and write the INA input register to the screen on every clock cycle. That finally showed that the address bus and data bus were the same on every cycle, so the 65C02 wasn't running.

After I replaced the 65C02 with another, everything worked just like it should, but by then it was Tuesday. Then I got some "distractions" from work and family life, and I could finally get back to it on Friday.

I replaced the instructions section of the project here on Hackaday with instructions on how to breadboard your own L-Star for (probably) less than $50. Have fun!

Oh, and by the way, I got parts for a batch of L-Star Plus kits. It will be back in stock some time this weekend. YAY!