Quantity   Component name
1 × THESE ARE THE COMPONENTS FOR THE PROTO BOARD VERSION WITHOUT RAM CHIP The L-Star Plus kit has more components and comes with a PCB.
1 × Parallax Propeller Proto board (#32810 or #32212) The #32212 is cheaper but you need a Prop Plug for it. You can also use the older #32812 but these are discontinued.
1 × Western Design Center WDC65C02S Mouser part #955-W65C02S6TPG-14
1 × SPST Tactile Switch For resetting the 65C02
2 × Resistors 3300 Ohms Pull-up resistors
1 × PS/2 keyboard Mini-DIN socket You can also use the PS/2 breadboard adapter #28060 from Parallax, or if you have the #32812 or #32212 as motherboard, you can also use the #28075 adapter kit but the PS/2 mouse and VGA connector will be unused
2 × Resistors 100 Ohms Needed to connect PS/2 keyboard Mini-DIN socket to Propeller
2 × Resistors 10K Ohms Needed as pull-up resistors for the PS/2 Mini-DIN socket. The Parallax #32212 and #32812 already have these on-board!
1 × RCA connector For TV-out. You can also use the RCA breadboard adapter #28050 from Parallax
1 × Resistor 270 Ohms Needed to connect the RCA connector to the Propeller