Final Touches

A project log for Trinket Watch

A watch with an OLED display, powered by a Trinket

davishdavish 01/03/2015 at 00:040 Comments

With everything electronically on the watch complete, today I added a much-needed power-switch and made a case. I went through a few iterations of that. First, I tried just making a box around the watch, but that was too bulky, and didn't let any of the hackiness of the watch show. So, I opted for a much more barebones design that doesn't protect the watch very much, but shows off the insides. The progression goes from left to right:

You can see the final watch all the way on the right, but here's a close-up, on my wrist:

Now that the watch is done, the next (and last) thing to do is film the demo video!