PI - tendo System

Mini version of the full gaming console of the 1980's

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The PI-tendo has several intriguing features, the general idea is to recreate the system even add the capability of online gameplay. The actual device cost at around ($120) if you are a retro gamer and want to play the original: Donkey Kong, Burger Time, Zaxxon, Q-Bert, Legend of Zelda, and Pitfall. It's powered by a Raspberry PI module / node for easy download and construction should be very easy and affordable unless you want to go the extreme route.

1. Construct a PI-tendo encasement (Dark Grey and Black)

2. Build joysticks / controllers

3. 10 Gygabyte of memory storage

4. Add various Ports and Plug-Ins

  • 2 × Nintendo Controllers Joysticks
  • 4 × USB
  • 3 × Video In / Out Connections
  • 6 × Raspberry Pi Nodes B+ Version
  • 1 × Full Nintendo Encasement Customized

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  • 1. Transitioning Parts

    Darksider703/08/2015 at 04:44 0 comments

    The case from all sides will have access doors to every key adjustable internal component. The board encasements will have locking mechanisms to fasten down each of the following parts .

  • 2. Encasement

    Darksider712/26/2014 at 08:43 0 comments

    I'm beginning the first stage with the encasement which is half the actual size of the full console. In the specifications might use the original case given more internal space for parts and extras. The only concern is the outer paint, might be able to custom, but would like to give the sense of a full professional gaming console. Recently, found reusable stickers that have the "Pi-tendo" logo already in place and will be used for the encasement as well. The remaining part are labels for the various ports.

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