12V work light

objective: lowest possible cost

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I saw this construction technique on a mains powered halogen work light and adapted it for my 12V LED / car powered one. With a bit more effort it would look nicer (e.g. I could have used a silver colored shelf rail)

A 12V work light that is powered off the cigarette ligher comes handy if doing quick fixes or troubleshooting on the road:

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    Step 1


    The shelf rail is used to create an U-formed frame (as handle) and the legs.

    Mark 150cm shelf rail at 50, 100 and 150cm (two U frames and 4 legs). Dor the center segment, add marks at 12.5cm, 25cm and 37.5cm (4 equal parts - legs). For the two other segments add marks at approx 17cm from each end.

    The numbers depend on the LED light used...

    Do NOT cut the shelf rail now, as the additional segments are used as lever to bend the shelf rail.

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    Step 2

    "U" frame

    Method a) just use a vice

    method b) bend the shelf rail in three steps:

    b1) put the shelf rail on the table edge and firmly bend it to mark the location

    b2) put the shelf rail on the floor, put a chair on top and sit on it, bend the shelf rail as far as possible towards 90°.

    b3) apply force to bend it to 90°

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    Step 3

    repeat for other 17cm part and cut after first 50cm:

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