I started programming when I was 13, thanks to my math teacher. Every Monday and Tuesday, my friends and I used to go to his classroom to learn and practice instead of having a meal at the cafeteria.

I spent one year building a very basic 8-bit OS from scratch and competing in robotics contests with my friends. I then got interested in VR and with my friends we agreed that it would be really cool to create our own world in VR where we could spend time after school. But facing the fact that an Oculus was $700 at the time, we decided to build our own headset.

A fully hackable VR headset and development kit

To speed up VR development time, we built FastVR, an open-source SDK for developers that is easy to understand and customize. It works like this:

  • The core headset computes the position of the headset in space;
  • The position is sent from the headset to WRMHL, and part of the CPU’s power is dedicated to reading those messages;
  • Then FastVR retrieves the data and uses them to render the VR game.

Everything you need to build the headset has been open-sourced and can be hacked.

Get started

The detailed guide is on Github:  https://github.com/relativty/Relativ